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MacMap Group FAQ

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the MacMap email discussion group


Where can the group's main Web site be found?

We are on Yahoo!Groups. Here is the link for our group.


What is the group all about?

The "charter" for the group is found on the group home page. In general, we exist to promote discussion of the various devices and applications that are available for mapping and GPS on Macintosh.


How does a discussion take place?

Any member who wants to ask a question or make a comment related to the purposes of our group may start a discussion "thread." (A "thread" is a group of messages on a particular topic. It is tied together by the "subject" line of the message.) Send an email message to the special address macmap@yahoogroups.com. Alternatively, use the group Web site to send your message. All messages are "moderated" by volunteers to ensure they are on-topic for the group and are not spam; this process usually goes quickly but at certain times like holidays may take up to 12 hours. Once your message is moderated it is "broadcast" to all the subscribers of the group.


Others may reply to your message -- making sure not to change the subject line, and trimming away all but the relevant parts of your original message -- thereby creating a discussion.


This all works because you do not address any particular member of the group, but rather the single email address. It's like taking turns speaking at a microphone in a public meeting.


What is "moderation" and how is it used?

Our group is like a meeting in that there is a "moderator" (actually, a group of volunteers) whose job is to organize the discussion and ensure that discussions stay civil and on track. We are very proud of the high signal-to-noise ratio we have maintained since our founding in 1999 (as the "MacSAUSA" group). Unlike most other public groups on Yahoo!Groups, we have an almost perfect track record of keeping spam out of our members' mailboxes.


But does that mean my messages will be censored?

Not at all! Something like 90 percent of our messages are distributed to members "as is." We ask our members to trim "quoting" from earlier messages and leave just the relevant parts -- if they don't, we reluctantly do it for them. We very occasionally ask a member to supply clarifying information for a message before it is posted. And of course, if the message is UCE ("unsolicited commercial email"), it is trashed and the member is banned from the group. (Period.)


I sent a message to a vendor's tech support and did not hear from them.

Is it a good idea to post a message to the MacMap group to see if they are still in business?

You've probably read enough FAQs to know the answer to that question: No. Part of our charter is to troubleshoot problems with an application or device, but we do not substitute for the vendor's own technical support. Many members of the vendor community belong to our group and read it. They all prefer, though, that you contact them directly if you are having issues with using their product.


  • The most common reason for a vendor not responding is that they did not receive your email.
  • The second most common reason is that they did respond, but your own email's spam filters blocked their response.


If a message of this nature is posted, the moderators will "reject" it, but will also forward your message directly to the vendor. We do not have any magic email addresses of our own, but we do want to help.


Members of the group may edit this page with any other FAQS that should be here.


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