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Hardware and Software

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This article lists all mapping and GPS items available for or adaptable to Macintosh. The intention is to list alphabetically, by item name:

  • each hardware or software item
  • the publisher or manufacturer
  • a very brief description; and
  • a link to the application article(s) in this wiki where the item appears.



Data Loggers

Holux M-241

This is a data logger from which you can download the data to your mac using the open source BT747 software.


i-Blue 747

This is a data logger.  It will record your tracks and also behave as a bluetooth GPS device so it can connect for real-time GPS data to any bluetooth enabled device.  The best connection software to set the parameters on the device (log frequency, reason for logging, data to log, etc.) is the open source software BT747 (see the Software Section below). The original version contained 1MB of memory and the later version has 4MB of memory.  The battery normally lasts over 20 hours between full recharges and uses a Nokia-style battery.  The device is very compact, uses an MTK chipset and is very accurate, fast to get a lock and has low power consumption.  It is compact and has a rubber base to keep in in place if it is left on a surface.  It is good for use in a car, for running, walking and cycling.  You can recharge it via USB and link it via USB to your Mac to download the data.  You can record well over 100,000 track points in the memory and it can be set to log on the basis of distance, time or speed (or a combination of these).  The later version can definitely be set to run 5Hz logging (five times per second) if you need that many points.


i-Blue 757

This is a data logger from which you can download the data to your mac using the open source BT747 software.


i.Trek Z1

This is a data logger from which you can download the data to your mac using the open source BT747 software.


Konet BGL-32

This is a data logger from which you can download the data to your mac using the open source BT747 software.


Qstarz BT-Q1000

This is a data logger from which you can download the data to your mac using the open source BT747 software.





This is Garmin software that can plan routes, including hiking ones that you can then upload to a Garmin device.  You need maps containing Digital Elevation Model data to use this software.



BT747 runs on Mac and allows you to connect to one of multiple GPS loggers to set logging parameters and download logged data into different data formats (GPX, KML, CSV, KMZ, HTML, NMEA, OpenStreetMap direct upload and load into its own table to show you the routes on a map, which is again from OpenStreetMap).  You can set filters to avoid it exporting certain recorded points.


Garmin ANT Agent

This is Garmin software that helps you analyse your sporting performance from your Garmin fitness device.


Garmin Communicator PlugIn

This is Garmin software that lets you connect your Garmin device directly to compatible websites without having to download the data to your Mac first.


Garmin Connect

This lets you share data from your Garmin device to check progress, normally used for exercise (probably very similar to the TrailGuru web site offering).


GPS Babel+

This allows you to translate between many different GPS track, route and waypoint formats.  It runs on Mac.




Marine navigation using raster charts.

GPSNavX For Boating



JOSM is used to amend the maps on OpenStreetMap.  It runs on the Mac (in Java) and has greater functionality than the Potlatch software built in to the web site on OpenStreetMap.  You can use your own GPX files as traces to help you draw items on the map, but you can also download tracks posted by other users onto the OpenStreetMap web site.




Marine navigation using vector charts.

MacENC For Boating




MacGPS Pro is interface software that allows 2-way Transfer of Waypoints, Routes and Track Logs between your GPS and your Mac.

Also use with your GPS in Real-time.

For Boating     For Hiking     Getting Started



This is Garmin software that allows you to upload compatible map data to a Garmin device.  Some OpenStreetMap users can provide maps that this software can take, sometimes including contour data and routable maps.



This is not really software as a site that allows you to download maps that you can use on your Mac.  It is the Wikipedia equivalent of mapping (attempting to map the entire World) and is open source (so free to use but you cannot sell it).  In many parts of the World, the data is becoming extremely good, and it is also often linked to open source altitude data.  You can also download maps for Garmin devices that you can transfer to your map-compatible Garmin device directly from your map (using no software, just transferring it using the Garmin device and normally a memory card using your Garmin as an external drive).


POI Loader

This is Garmin software that lets you upload points of interest data to your Garmin device.



PolarView (by PolarNavy Co) is an efficient free ENC chart planner, supporting S57/S63 vector charts, BSB raster charts and GRIB weather data.



This will take GPX tracks and cut out unwanted points (from the start, middle or beginning) as well as showing the route on top of OpenStreetMap.  It will show statistics of the track and will let you re-export them as GPX tracks again.  You can also create a 3D altitude graphic.



This is Garmin software that you can use to plan a road trip and then upload it to your Garmin device.




RouteBuddy is an all-purpose GPS application for Mac OS X, supporting Garmin and NMEA devices.

For Hiking For Road Trips For Running Getting Started


rubiTrack 1.7

This is commercial software that is used ostensibly to track your exercise, including maps (from multiple sources, including OpenStreetMap), charts and other functions.  It can read files direct from some Garmin devices and can also import GPX and TCX tracks (from Garmin and other GPS devices).



This software will track all your routes and trails, plus give you an exercise plan and tracker.  You can use multiple maps, including openstreetmap.  It can import multiple tracks at once.  It is donationware.


Training Center

This is Garmin software that should help you manage your training programmes and plan future training sessions along with your Garmin device.



This is Garmin software that allows you to update your Garmin device via your Mac in a more automated way (it will select and install the latest software for you).

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