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Unlike other Mac GPS apps that are simply GPS connectivity solutions, GPSNavX is a full featured marine navigation application designed to be used both aboard and at home. GPSNavX turns your Mac into a fully functional color chart plotter that can be used for passage making.


GPSNavX offers these significant advantages..


  • A demo version is available for immediate download (try before you buy).



  • Select charts by their actual name (i.e. "Entrance to San Francisco", instead of ambiguous filename "18649.kap").


  • Preview pane offers a quick look at a chart.


  • Find charts by waypoint or gps or cursor position.


  • Most recent list on "File" menu for easy chart recall.


  • Automatically display the best chart for current position.


  • Live update of lat/lon that tracks with the mouse cursor when measuring distances and bearings.


  • All distance measurements and bearings plotted and given in Great Circle calculations.


  • Intuitive waypoint and route creation on the chart.


  • Unlimited number of waypoints in a searchable database.


  • Unlimited number of routes with an unlimited number of waypoints.


  • Real time Great Circle routing (shortest distance between two points) including auto advance to the next waypoint and cumulative time and distance to go.


  • Navigate to waypoints or routes on a connected GPS or those created in GPSNavX.


  • Selected route plotted on the chart using Great Circle calculation.


  • Cross track error displayed and plotted on chart.


  • Chart annotation in any color.


  • Track log that includes all NMEA data (gps and instruments).


  • Track plotted in multiple colors to designate trip segments.


  • Day, Dusk and Night viewing of charts.


  • Overlay view panel to quickly select region of interest on chart.


  • Rubber band zoom selection.


  • Position icon size, color and transparency can be adjusted.


  • Interface to instruments (speed, depth, compass, wind and water temp).


  • Interface and control an autopilot.


  • Interface to radar and AIS receivers plotting targets and cursor in real-time on the chart.


  • Flexible interfacing allows NMEA data to come from one, two or three different ports (Use with Keyspan Adapter and/or Shipmodul multiplexor)


  • GPS transfer (waypoints, routes, track) support for Garmin, Magellan, Raymarine and Furuno protocols.


  • Overlay weather on the chart.


  • Tides and Currents.


  • Compass display with dampening.


  • Automatic or manual compass variation even if GPS is not connected or does not provide it.


  • GPS simulator can be used for Dead Reckoning.


  • NMEA output monitor shows actual messages received.


  • Position formats that include "N", "S", "W", and "E" designations in their display (versus "-" and "+").


  • BSB 1-3 charts can be exported to TIFF files.


  • Built in visual and audible alarms for anchor drag, waypoint arrival, and radar/AIS target proximity.


  • GPS position can be plotted on Maptech server chart (Internet connection required).


  • Share the same GPS with MacENC at the same time.




  • Intuitive Mac OS X User Interface (i.e. drag waypoints and routes anywhere on the chart, windows restored to previous visibility/size/position on startup, live window resize, scalable floating panels, transparency, tabs, drawers, centralized preferences restored to previous on startup, context menu, Mighty Mouse scroll ball compatible, efficient flicker free screen refresh, multi-threaded).


  • Developed using the latest technologies (Cocoa and Quartz rendering) specifically for OS X.


  • Native on both Power PC and Intel Macs.


  • Developed by a Captain (Master 100GT) Richard Ray who has been involved in the software and marine industry for 25 years. Richard has logged 100's of hours at sea.


  • Positive press in the marine industry trades (Yachting, Sail, Practical Sailor, Boat Digest, Ocean Navigator, etc.).


  • Used on several long distance passages of vessels of all sizes.

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