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Garmin (go to Web site) militantly shunned the Macintosh platform. Sometimes, their technical support people would be a little sympathetic, as though they knew they were being paid to be unreasonable. Escalating requests for any kind of Macintosh support would result in harsh, almost mocking replies from high-level Garmin officials. Starting in 2006, Garmin has changed its tone 180 degrees: it now is saying that by the end of the year, it will support all of its mapping and GPS products on Macintosh OS X.


July 3, 2007 Garmin maintains a blog at this URI. (This link is to all entries tagged "applemac," though most of the entries appear to have nothing to do with Apple or Macintosh.) The most recent entry is dated April 10, 2007, and indicates that beta (test) versions of a Mac Web Updater and a Mac POI Loader are available. These two pieces of software are said to work with all Garmin devices that connect directly to the USB port of a Macintosh computer. I have tried the Web Updater with the Garmin C330 attached to my PowerBook G4 12" laptop; it worked as expected and delivered a long-overdue update. Others have complained that the updates do not always work: the most common complaint (at least with car-navigators) is that they render the voice module silent. Repair for this condition involves a trip to Garmin's factory in Indiana.


Commenters on this entry point out that while having these two utilities is a good start, what they are waiting for is a Macintosh version of MapSource, the Windows utility that allows mapping information to be loaded into a Garmin device. The consensus seems to be that this is what Macintosh users understand by "Mac compatibility."

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