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Page history last edited by Matt McCaffrey 15 years ago

The MacMap PBwiki


Welcome to the MacMap wiki. This is an experiment for those who would like to create something more durable than a series of e-mail messages (the essence of our group communication).


As of January 27, 2009, we are running the wiki under the PBwiki v2.0 software, which means that users need individual wiki accounts. Everyone who was registered under the old system should have received an invitation to set up an account for the new system.


This wiki is set up to allow our group members editing and page creation privileges. If you need a refresher on style look here.


January 27, 2009: It has been a while since anyone has been here! This would be a good time for revisions, as it appears the last ones were made some time in late 2007.


Come and play! Enjoy the wiki...


--Matt McCaffrey
MacMap Moderator




Getting Started

General FAQ

MacMap Group FAQ


Suggestions by Type of Use

Since GPS came into civilian use, several uses for the positioning devices have emerged. Here are some explanations and tips from our members focused on different uses for GPS devices (and your Mac, of course!).

For Road Trips

For Hiking

For Boating

For Running

For Geocaching


Mac Mapping Players

(Note: This section soon to move to a separate article.)

There are several companies and individuals involved in GPS and mapping applications on the Macintosh platform.




We have worked with DeLorme (go to Web site) mapping from the beginning. That has been a frustrating experience because they made some of the best mapping software for Macintosh under OS 9.x and earlier. But at least they worked with Macintosh!


Provides Canadian topo maps that are compatible with MacGPS Pro.

National Geographic

That makes sense--the original global mappers. They have quietly supported Macintosh readers for their Topo! map series for several years.

Route 66 (open for editing)

GPSNavX & MacENC Marine Navigation

MacGPS Pro, MacTopos USA and MacElevation

This combo provides high resolution digital USGS topo map solutions with elevation profiles.



It's tough to link Garmin and Macintosh/GPS use. Until 2006 the only way to use a Garmin mapping software product on Macintosh was a series of workarounds. Now (they claim) all that is changing.

Magellan (open for editing)

Rayming (links to USGlobalSat)

USGlobalSat (open for editing)


Group Reviews


Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 7:27 am on Apr 21, 2006

The "Mac Mapping Players" section will have its content moved shortly to the new "Hardware and Software" article. If anyone wants to do that, feel free... :-)

David Zahn said

at 8:31 pm on Jan 27, 2009

Don't forget Route Buddy... The absolute best street map solution for Mac.

Matt McCaffrey said

at 12:06 pm on Jan 28, 2009

Hi David,

Editing error--Route Buddy is on the Hardware & Software topic page. I'm going to move that list inside as I was intending to do on, what? Apr 21, 2006?? :)


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