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For Running

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Suggested GPS solutions for running include:


Garmin eTrex


These aren't necessarily the most bulky items to carry when running, and the ones that take memory cards can be used to upload maps and routes (get maps from OpenStreetMap for free including contour lines and routable maps so you can plan your route back to where you started or any destination as long as people have logged the trails).  Even without maps you can leave a breadcrumb trail and reset trip data to get running statistics.


They have rubber grips along the side and you can get a holder including a belt clip.


On your Mac, link up to it like an external drive and download your tracks from the memory card (if there is one) or use the Garmin software to get the tracks from the main memory (memory card is a lot better since you get it in GPX format that you can use in different exercise tracking applications such as at Trailguru).


i-Blue 747 Data Logger


This is a compact device that can log data every second with 4MB of storage.  It has its own battery and there is good Mac-inclusive open source software to set the logging parameters and download the data.  You can easily put it in an armband to get an excellent signal.  The software downloads in multiple formats, including GPX that you can upload to exercise-tracking software such as at Trailguru (including running totals of distance and time, average speeds, climb and descent, a map of your route and kilometre pace details throughout your training session), CSV (with speed, direction, altitude, distance and location for each point to use in a spreadsheet application), Google Earth and others.  If you have a device that can connect to it using bluetooth, you can also do a breadcrumb trail since it can work as a bluetooth GPS device at the same time as logging (for instance to connect it to a mobile 'phone if you run with one of those).



IB Runners Log


With IB Runners Log and a Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS receiver you can upload your route and timing data to your Mac (Intel/PPC).




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